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Your photoshoot experience is never gonna be the same

Don't worry if that's your first photoshoot, I have 10+ years experience, I will guide you!
Among my clients are AmyJenChristaAlisonDaria and many many others.
And I would love to work with you!
I will take care of  styling, planning and organization of this day.
Each photoshoot is unique and based on your vision, but I also have some ideas you can choose below.
You simply need to book your spot and enjoy your new eye-catching pictures!


Hello, I’m Masha Goltsvard

I am California-based photographer and travel all over the US.
I’ve been photographing for 10+ years here in the US and back home in Russia.

How to book

Turn around time is 5 days for regular photoshoots.

You will get all RAW files with each photoshoot.

You will get a posing guide, a mood board and stylist recommendations.

Standard retouch includes color correction, light correction, crop, light skin retouching, etc. 

If you would like to keep your pictures private (not published in ads, social media or website)

an additional $100 will be added to your invoice as a non-usage fee.


- for one hour photoshoot, you will get 40 edited pictures

"Stay Home" photoshoot

It’s perfect for personal portraits and bloggers, maternity and family photoshoot.

We can shoot at your home or rent studio/Airbnb.

Best part about this shoot - we can work any time of the day.

Airbnb is not included in price.

City Vibe Photoshoot

I have in mind multiple locations in San Francisco for this photoshoot -

Downtown, Torpedo Wharf, Marina District, etc.

Best time for this photoshoot is around sunset or early morning.

Studio Photoshoot

We can work with crazy color light or create slick, professional headshots - it's up to you.

This photoshoot is 2 hours minimum, unlimited looks

Package starts with $600

Studio rent is not included.