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A Hidden Gem for Maternity Photoshoots: The Flower Conservatory in Golden Gate Park

Today,I'm letting you in on a little secret about a not-so-obvious but absolutely magical spot for maternity photoshoots – the Flower Conservatory in Golden Gate Park!

Yes, you heard it right. It might not be the first place that comes to mind, but trust me, that's what makes it even more extraordinary. Sure, it can get pretty crowded on weekends, but here's a pro tip – weekdays are your golden ticket to avoiding the hustle and bustle.

The conservatory is a treasure trove of botanical wonders from every corner of the world. Think exotic orchids, vibrant roses, and lush greenery that change with the seasons. The architecture of the conservatory allows for a soft and dreamy play of natural light. It's like nature's own filter, creating a glow that's perfect for highlighting the natural beauty of a mom-to-be. Flowers symbolize growth, renewal, and the beauty of life – a perfect match for the maternity journey. So if that's something you would like - feel free to reach me

Now, a few practical deets

🗓️ Opening Hours: Open Thursday to Tuesday, 10 am to 4:30 pm. The last entry is at 4 pm.

💸 Admission: It's $11 per person, but here's a bonus – if you're a resident of SF, it's absolutely free!

Before you head out, a quick wardrobe tip: White and red hues complement the surroundings beautifully.

!Remember, it's essential to be gentle and mindful of the plants while capturing these magical moments!


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