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Newborn Family

Hello, parents-to-be! Congratulations on your lil’ bay that’s about to come into the world. One thing that’s essential for any new parent is a dope newborn photoshoot to capture those early moments of your kiddo's life. But where to start? Don't worry, I got you covered with some tips on how to get ready for a fly photoshoot at home.

First things first, make sure you got all the essentials. You'll need some blankets, cute props, which we will discuss individually, and an experience photographer. Make sure to also set the scene, it might be nursery, parents bedroom or living room.

Next up, prep your little one for the shoot. Give them a good feed beforehand, so they’re not hangry during the photoshoot. You also want to make sure they’re well-rested, so schedule the shoot after their nap time. Feed the baby!! That will increase a chance of the good outcome. Do not be afraid to interrupt the photoshoot to feed, calm down, or change your baby. The comfort of the child is the most important thing!

When it comes to outfits, keep it simple and comfortable. Your baby is the star of the show, so avoid anything too flashy or distracting. I have an outfit recommendations, let me know if you need them! A cute onesie or a swaddle blanket is perfect. You can always jazz it up with some accessories or props.

Lastly, don't forget about lighting and time of the day. Natural light is always best, and I love to work with direct sunlight. Just let me know when is the best light in your place.

You can book me up to 6 months ahead to capture all the cuteness of your little bundle of joy! I work with kids older than 30 days. Here are all details.

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