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Who's up for a Photo Day?

Short answer - EVERYONE!

Whether it's for your engagement, a gender reveal party, a maternity shoot, or just some fun family time, Photo Day has got you covered.

I personalize each shoot to fit your style and preferences. We'll chat and create a mood board that's all about you! The locations for each Photo Day are like hidden gems - unique and diverse. I handpick the perfect spots to make sure your photos are nothing short of amazing.

For this awesome Photo Day, we headed to China Beach. We found this private part of the beach, away from the crowds, so we could have all the fun without interruptions. Think cliffs, a long sandy beach, the ocean breeze, and a pinch of decorative charm!

Oh, and the perks keep coming! You get a fantastic deal - top-notch photos at a fraction of the regular cost. Plus, you'll get 20 fabulous pics from this cool location, and it won't take up much of your time.

So, mark your calendars 'cause I'm planning to host a Photo Day every month! Don't miss out - follow me on Instagram @goltsvard_photo, and I'll keep you in the loop about the next shoots. It's gonna be a blast! 📷😄


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