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Your photoshoot experience is never gonna be the same

Don't worry if that's your first photoshoot! I have 10+ years experience, I will guide you!
Among my clients are Amy, JenChrista, Alison, Daria and many many others.
And I would love to work with you!
Let me introduce you a stressless photoshoot experience.
I will take care of  styling, planning and organization of this day.
I will create a unique conception for our photoshoot, find the best outfits and location.
You simply need to book your spot and enjoy your new eye-catching pictures!

Upcoming Photoshoots

Stay Home photoshoot

It’s perfect for personal portraits and bloggers, maternity and family photoshoot.

Photos will be as diverse as possible, so you can use each of them in social media.

We can shoot at your home or rent studio/Airbnb


You will get a posing guide and stylist recommendations.

Don't worry if you never done this before - I created a mood board with ideas and poses for you.

Airbnb is not included in price.