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When is a good time for maternity photoshoot?

The best time to shoot is when you already start showing, usually between 18 and 30 weeks. At this time, it is still easy for you to hike to some distant and epic locations. Also switching outfits wouldn’t be difficult yet. And I recommend to have 2-3 outfit options for 1 hour photoshoot!

Of course, we can shoot up to 40 weeks, but keep in mind that swelling is already possible at this time and you will look a bit bigger than you actually are. It may be more difficult for you to get to remote locations like Lands End or Half Moon Bay.

Where is the best place to shoot?

  • At your home

Peace and quiet, no strangers around. We can shoot both inside the house and in the backyard or a nearby park.

  • If you don't want to shoot at your house, but you like the idea of “home photoshoot”, we can rent an Airbnb.

  • Nature photoshoot

Here is the my top-list for maternity photoshoot

- Baker Beach

- Sutro Baths

- Legion of Honor

- Pulgas Water Temple (and Gate Vista Point)

- Martin's Beach

But I do not recommend shooting in downtown. It’s too crowded and doesn’t feel safe.

The best time to shoot is in the morning before noon and after 3 pm.

What should you wear?

Once again, monochrome outfits without print and patterns are the best option. Clothing recommendations vary depending on the location, but white, black, beige, blue and orange is always a good option.

I recommend checking out H&M and ASOS, they have a great selection of mum-to-be clothes.

Life hack: clothes can be returned after the photoshoot.

For each photoshoot I prepare a personal mood board that will tell you how to pose for an individual maternity photoshoot, as well as for a photoshoot with your kids, husband and a dog (if you have one).

Plan your shoot in advance, book now!


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