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Let me introduce you to a City Hall Wedding

It's a 2 hour photoshoot session

80 edited photos

Exclusive access to all RAW files

Unique mood board with poses

Photos ready in 5 days

Complementary short video

This package is perfect to cover ceremony, family photos and couple photoshoot



How to get married at the SF City Hall

Step by step


Here you can get marriage license

Current fee: $120 you pay before your ceremony.

Expires in 90 days.

M – F from 8:15 am to 3:30 pm.


Public Civil Ceremony

Cost: $103

Here you can book it

Time: Every half hour, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Check-in: Ten minutes before your ceremony reservation, at the Information Desk in Room 168

Location: Rotunda

You need: Witness, marriage license, valid IDs for both of you.


For the wedding itself under California law, you need at least one witness. City Hall provides an officiant for public and civil ceremonies. And I can be your witness and photographer


Pay attention to the opening hours! San Francisco City Hall does not work on weekends, and on weekdays it opens at 8 am and works until 5 pm. The best time to shoot is 8 am, so most likely you will be the only couple and other people will not interfere with the photoshoot.



Parking in the area is a challenge. I recommend using only guarded parking lots, SF City Hall located not in the safe area. For example Performing Arts Garage - Lot #201 (360 Grove St, San Francisco, CA 94102), I myself always use this parking lot.

Masha - school.jpg

My name is Masha Goltsvard and I’m your favorite photographer
(but maybe you don’t know it yet)

I am based in California
and travel all over the US.
I’ve been photographing for 10+ years here
in the US and back home in Russia.
Want to know more about this package?

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