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Wedding Photoshoot at SF City Hall and The Westin St. Francis Hotel

As you gear up for the big day, let's talk about turning your wedding into a visual masterpiece! Picture this – a perfect blend of timeless elegance at SF City Hall and the cozy charm of The Westin St. Francis Hotel. It's a perfect match and both locations are close to each other.

This hotel is a fantastic spot for 'getting ready' photos: spacious bright rooms and a window view overlooking the panorama of San Francisco.

Once the "getting ready" pics are done, let's bring the party to San Francisco City Hall. The natural light and elegant architecture make it the ultimate spot for those Love Story photos.

With my experience and passion for photography, I promise to deliver not only high-quality shots but also unique moments captured in every frame. I am familiar with every corner of City Hall, allowing me to create distinctive and emotional photos that capture your day as it truly is.

My goal is not just to take pictures but to bring your story to life, to express your individuality through the lens of my camera.

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